About This Project

ONE DANCE WEEK is a festival for contemporary dance and performance. The program is structured into modules which encompass all aspects of the dance environment – from introduction of the youngest audience through training, making, perceiving and discussing this kind of art.

The selection includes some of the most interesting dance companies and choreographers of our time. This variety of dance practices illustrates the diversity of the discipline. The main line in this year’s selection follows the revolt of contemporary dance against normality, status quo, established models of living, thinking, behavior and perception of the world in a political and aesthetic way. Everything that we believe in and accept as normal should be exposed and reconsidered. The power of contemporary dance lies in its critical reflection towards the comfortable world.

ONE DANCE WEEK presents the audience with various creative approaches from Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, USA and Korea that defy the convenient framework in which we reside.


20 November