“WE ARE LIKE THOSE TOADS. . .” and “ALI” by Compagnie MPTA

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About This Project




“We Are Like Those Toads…” and “Ali” are two shows – result of the artistic collaboration between Hedi Thabet, Ali Thabet, Mathurin Bolze, Artemis Stavridi, and Sofyann Ben Youssef. “Nous sommes pareils à ces crapauds…” is Ali Thabet and Hedi Thabet’s latest show, in which the choreographers explore the topic of love, marriage, and man-woman relationships in their complexity and many aspects. The second show – “Ali”, was created in 2008 by Mathurin Bolze and Hedi Thabet. It explores the issues of otherness and difference and society’s ways of perceiving them. Although the two shows were created five years apart, they are inextricably bound up as two parts of one whole due to the shared theme of otherness, difference, ambiguity, duality and desire. The work of the French company LES MAINS, LES PIEDS ET LA TÉTE AUSSI, established in 2011, combines dance elements with circus techniques. Photography: © Manon Valentin

With the financial support of  Ministry Of Culture – Republic of Bulgaria